Percentage of the face

Depending on what type of spots are treated, since some of them are due to totally genetic factors, such as freckles, however the increase of these or the appearance of other types of spots, most of the time they are the result of prolonged exposure to sunlight Goji Cream Review, so again our only savior is the continuous use of sunscreen.

The main thing that should be taken into account in this matter is cleaning, which in itself is necessary, but even more so when suffering from acne. When it is a mild acne due to age or caused by hormonal factors, you just have to let it go and continue with the usual cleaning.

But if this acne is becoming aggressive and occupies a large percentage of the face, it is best to go with the dermatologist so that he can study it and know exactly the type of acne in question Goji Cream Review, as well as determine the best way to eliminate it or reduce it as the case may be.

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