Platysmal bands

Botulinum toxin, produced by anaerobic Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Clostridium botulinum, generates a chemical denervation that relaxes selective muscles and thus improves hyperdynamic wrinkles. The paralysis starts between 24 and 48 hours after the application Alvera Tone Review, but the final result is completely observed until after two weeks.

The duration of the effect is three to six months with individual variations. It is commonly used for glabellar lines, the so-called crow’s feet and frontals (Alvera Tone Review), but nowadays it is also being used to mold the contour of the face, raise the angles of the mouth and decrease the platysmal bands.

Multiple studies have shown marked improvement of fine lines and wrinkles in patients treated with botulinum toxin vs. placebo with high percentages of patient satisfaction.

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