Professional Photography

And I did not understand it, because for the kind of photos he does, for my ingenious, great, original and creative taste, he does not need a SLR. You could do them with a mobile or even with a camera made with a cardboard box.

Because he has that gift, that photographic eye. That’s why today I write this article, to demystify good cameras and support mobile photography. And to encourage all those people who have a photographic eye, but not a reflex, to continue creating photography.

There are good photographers who have discovered sports photographer Hong Kong thanks to the camera on their mobile phone and, in fact, their iPhone has taken them far into this world. Does photographing with a phone make you a worse photographer? Not at all. To be a sports photographer Hong Kong, what is really important is to have the sensitivity and the photographic eye to reach the public and to get excited. Today there are telephones in the market with very good optics. There are also very bad cameras, or they do not work just because you press the button and it takes two seconds to shoot, so goodbye photo!

Now, before I continue I have to make a clarification. I’m not talking about professional photography. Obviously I speak of photography from a creative, artistic point of view. Of course you’re not going to cover a wedding report with a mobile phone! Neither a fashion catalog nor a newborn session. The SLR camera offers a type of performance at a professional level but that does not have to be essential at a creative or artistic level.

I’ve been thrilled with photos taken with the phone and yet I’ve been impassive with others shot with one of the best cameras on the market. I’ve seen empty reflex photos, soulless, in which I have not stopped a nanosecond. Art is not in the quality of the camera but in the sensitivity of the person who supports it. It is like that.

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